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Wanted: Workers needing a holiday

IT’S the ultimate job advertisement. Queensland will be front and centre in a new $7.5 million campaign promoting working holidays to be launched by Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham in Brisbane today.

Dubbed Australia Inc, the campaign will attempt to lure young travellers from across Europe to take up working holidays Down Under.

In a clever sales pitch to feature as a key part of the campaign, one image shows two young surfers at Main Beach on the Gold Coast with the slogan ‘where most days start with a board meeting’.


Young travellers on working holidays are viewed as a key market as they traditionally stay longer and spend more than holiday-makers on quick fly-in-fly-out visits.

However, new research by Tourism Australia has revealed a shift across the globe away from working holidays and that more ne to be done to lure working holiday-makers to our shores.


The Sunshine State is a major destination for travellers looking to extend their Australian holidays by taking on short-term jobs, with the state attracting more than 155,000 working holiday makers a year, injecting an estimated $680 million into the Queensland economy.

Mr Birmingham said working holiday-makers were a vital cog in the state economy, particularly for farmers relying on seasonal workers.

“They roll up their sleeves on local farms while at the same time providing a major boost to the local tourism industry,” he said.

More than 300 of the country’s tourism heavyweights will be in Brisbane for the Destination Australia conference, with the city set to star in a social media campaign by Tourism Australia over the coming week.

Tourism Australia managing director John O’Sullivan said there was a new-found vibrancy about Brisbane and he backed a bid for the city to host the Olympic Games.

“The Commonwealth Games provided a great opportunity to position Brisbane and the Gold Coast as truly major international event destinations,” he said.

“I truly believe that the natural next step must be a bid for a Summer Olympic Games – if not for 2032 then 2036.

“It’s there for the taking.”