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The pristine African beach destination and may not have heard about

When you think of Africa, you think of incredible wildlife, vast landscapes, unique cultures, deserts, grasslands, and jungles…

But you may not necessarily think of a tropical paradise. But you should.

The continent is framed by the Indian Ocean on its eastern coast, and its shores are tickled by crystal clear turquoise waters. There are many pristine slices of paradise that are attracting travellers who want to escape the ordinary trip to the tropics, and soak in a more remote style of vacation.

From the archipelago of Seychelles to Kenya’s Diani Beach and Mozambique’s Bazaruto islands, the beaches of eastern Africa are something out of a postcard.

But if you haven’t heard of Zanzibar, we’re here to tell you why it might just be the perfect spot for your next tropical vacation.



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A 20-minute plane ride from Tanzania’s capital of Dar es Salaam lies the beach dream you’ve been waiting for.

Zanzibar is a very foreigner-friendly option for vacationers because it is very accustomed to tourism. There are many tour guides and excursions for travellers to explore the area and its pristine shores, and the hospitality scene is very accustomed to tourists’ ne. Accommodation options such as the Z Hotel on Nungwi Beach or Kendwa Rocks hostel in Kendwa are fantastic options for travellers.



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Stroll through the UNESCO heritage site of Stone Town and get lost in the winding streets as you take in the art showcased on every corner, and incredible displays of culture including Darajani Market and Slave Market turned cathedral. Make sure to take a boat ride over to Prison Island, where you can see turtles enjoying life right into the ripe old age of 192.



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But the major draw to Zanzibar are those beaches. Soft powdery sand, bathtub-warm water, colours so perfect that you won’t believe your eyes. Diving and snorkelling enthusiasts are treated to incredible marine life with visibility as far as the eye can see — literally. Oh, and you could see dolphins frolicking in the distance, too boot.

Head on a boat ride just off the coast off Nungwi to Mnemba Island, to find world-class snorkelling. Tours offer a stop for lunch on the island, where you can take photos to your heart’s content or just enjoy the delicious meal cooked up by your boat crew coupled with a peaceful vibe and postcard-worthy ambience.



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Zanzibar is truly a dream and if you love beaches and this island wasn’t on your list yet, it better be now!

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