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The Importance of Travel Insurance

Just imagine that you are just about to leave for a well-deserved week-long Caribbean vacation when your entire family comes down with what seems like the nastiest stomach bug ever.

There is no possibility that you are going to make it on to that plane and the other passengers, thank you.

Or, maybe you were already on the way to the airport when you get word that your favorite grandma passed away. Perhaps you booked your trip only to find out that the entire island where you are headed is being hit by the worst hurricane of the season.

You have invested so much money into this much-needed trip, and it’s all going to go down the drain if any of these things really happen to you—unless you have travel insurance.

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Travel insurance can be a saving grace for clients,” said Stacey Hartmann, Owner of Enjoy Vacationing in Waunakee, Wisconsin, who speaks from experience.

Last year, she disembarked from her cruise only to find out there were massive thunderstorms in the area and her flight back to her hometown was delayed.

“We missed a connection to get home as scheduled,” she said. “The next available flight was 48 hours later. Our travel insurance paid for our hotel, transportation and meals until we got back on the flight.”

Travel insurance is an affordable way of protecting the trips you’ve worked hard to earn. For example, Travel Impressions is a tour operator that offers vacations to the Caribbean; Asia; Mexico; Central and South America; Europe; South Africa; Australia; New Zealand; Fiji; the Islands of Tahiti; Canada; the Continental U.S.; Alaska; and Hawaii.

They understand that the unexpected can happen, so they are offering a special Cancel for Any Reason Waiver for only $99 per person for any bookings under $4,000. This price is good through the end of January.

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According to the US Travel Insurance Association, travel insurance covers nonrefundable, pre-paid trip expenses that are forfeited when, for whatever reason, you must cancel your trip. If you are already on your tour and need to come home early, travel insurance can pay for your transportation. If someone is injured or in need of emergency medical treatment or transportation, your travel insurance comes to the rescue for that too.

The Travel Impressions policy covers medical expenses up to $5,000. For lost bags and other personal items, it covers up to $800. Bag delays of more than 24 hours are covered up to $100.

If you would insure your car and your home, why wouldn’t you insure your vacation?

“Everyone hopes they don’t have to use it, but if you do need to use it you will never go without it again,” said Margie Lenau of Wonderland Family Vacations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “It gives you peace of mind. You have invested a significant amount of money on your vacation, it makes sense to protect that investment.”

For information on Travel Impressions and their Cancel For Any Reason coverage, visit promotions.travimp.com/index.php/january-promo.

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