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Cat parasite, toxoplasmosis, linked to outbursts of anger, aggression in humans

Cats can elicit feelings of comfort, happiness and love. But new research suggests that our furry feline friends might also be responsible for an unexpected emotional response: outbursts of anger. University of Chicago researchers say a parasite commonly spread from cats to humans may play a role in impulsive aggression. …

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Phuket tourism down up to 30% – Thai Hotels Association

Thai PBS reports that Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health says “there is a very slim chance that a person could contract Dientamoeba Fragilis”, a dangerous parasite, from eating a plate of Pad Thai, as claimed by an Australian Perth couple. Stacey Barnes and Ryan Prigg, along with their two children, …

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Roodepoort’s beloved Spotted Eagle Owl diagnosed with deadly Trich parasite

The community’s beloved Spotted Eagle Owl, Pappa, has sadly been diagnosed with the Trichomonas gallinae parasite, the deadly disease wiping out raptors countrywide, reports Roodepoort Northsider. It is believed that Pappa contracted Trich (as it’s known in short) from a dove he hunted recently. Trich manifests itself and develops inside …

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