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Stay away from politics this year and avoid the heartbreaks | NTV

Happy new year to you all.

It is 2018 indeed, just in case you’re still using ‘2017’ on your emails and sign-outs.

It is a whole new year and that means quite a lot; most important of all being the fact that 2017 is no more!


Despite all the resolutions you and I had set for 2017, It is no more!

The question there-in therefore is, how much did you achieve? What did you do? Did you manage to move from A to P or did you get stuck somewhere at point B? Was 2017 that kind of year where you felt you’d achieved enough? Or maybe you got obstructed by the ‘political drama’ that you ended up accomplishing less and having quite the ‘disappointment’ that marked the end of 2017…for many of us!


Whether you were for ‘tugikwaateko’ or for ‘togikwaatako’, you must have noticed how intense 2017’s political climate was.

You must have followed the debates well. 2017 made Bobi Wine a political name worldwide and brought to fame, the infamous Nalufenya!

The strikes from the doctors, teachers and lawyers made quite the salad for this political buffet which was the poison that killed many dreams for the youth in 2017!

We spent a number of hours and days ‘squeaking’ about how bad Uganda is, how Zimbabwe has done it, #Togikwaatako this, #Nalufenya that…all over social media (and sometimes in the bars!)

We wanted to throw our comment(s) on every top trending political story.

I happened to be among those youths who achieved less, compared to what I had set out to do. I, however, noticed how much those who opted to ignore the drama to concentrate on their businesses and work thrived at the end of the year. Whilst I was busy looking for a few ‘coins’ to take me through Christmas, my counterparts were in Seychelles on vacation.


I had practically earned nothing from this whole ‘togikwaatako’ drama. While we were busy ranting, others were busy earning. It’s simply the other side of the coin. I finally understood why, despite their varied grievances, the majority of business people down-town dislike ‘politically driven chaos’.

And I am not saying that it is wrong to get acquainted with facts and current affairs. It is not wrong to know what is happening in our country, who the new president is (don’t laugh) or which MP was caught ‘stealing’ people’s land.

But the question I want to ask you; how much of this is adding to your daily income and to your knowledge for survival in the industry were you work?

We all work with current affairs and we choose to look for information that relates to our professions or would impact on our earnings. 

As a marketer, instead of togikwaatako, I believe I should have indulged myself more into current affairs in the marketer’s world, thereby adding value to my industry and work place. That is the point. And again, making a point or two about this political drama is not wrong but, to what end?

2017 stamped it in my face that no matter how much noise you make on social media, the battle is on the ground and not on social media.

Waste not your energy on things that will not materialize! We ‘screamed’ the loudest (and am sure the gods were moved) but in the end, ‘they touched it’! All that energy…!


It’s now a fresh new year, 2018 and we are still the same youth who, generally, have no access to better jobs, resources, investment opportunities and still waiting on the ‘gavumenti etuyambe’ scheme to break-even. Do we want to hold on to this kind of hopelessness or get serious with moving forward?

The French say; chacun pour soi, et notre Deus pour tous so be your own hero! Be the one that gets to Seychelles at the end of 2018 and not the one that crawls through Christmas while grumbling over another ‘disappointment’!

My two-pence; let’s get active, let’s get into more creative ways of making money out of this ‘cash-less’ Uganda (as long as we do not go all-out ‘kifeesi’), let’s dedicate our youthful energy to hard-work (which ‘they’ say pays off) and developments. Let’s get into agriculture, spend more time making useful networks, invest in our minds, invent and innovate.

Let’s make it our business to invest in those things that should move us from point A to point Z. I believe that despite the feeling of being let down by this government and it’s…’poli-ticks’, there is much more positive we can look at and brush aside the ‘ticks’!

I predict that there will be political backlash from many fronts in regards to the disappointments that marred the end of 2017!

There will be riots, sagas, conflicts, and so much more! I have personally chosen to ignore all that and to concentrate on finishing 2018 a happier man despite the usual political disappointments.

I want to ask you to do the same.Enjoy your new year.


Bonny Tamale is a Marketing Professional.


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