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Scandalous Sverdlovsk official leaves for Seychelles after beginning of IC check

Investigators want to know how Department of Youth Policy in the region headed by Olga Glatskikh spend public money.

Sverdlovsk official Olga Glatskikh, who became infamous after her statement about young people, left for Seychelles on the day following her removal from office.

Moreover, according to Rosbalt, the Investigative Committee is currently checking into the activity of the head of the Department of Youth Policy in Sverdlovsk.

According to some sources, this year, one of the structures headed by Glatskikh received 131 million rubles ($1.98 million) from the budget for projects aimed to support talented youth.

The money was allocated for four shifts to train 800 teenagers (more than 40 thousand rubles per participant). At least three shifts were held at the expensive business hotel Panorama, affiliated with one of the deputies of the region’s parliament.

According to 66.ru, Panorama is owned by deputy Aleksandr Serebrennikov. It is noteworthy that it is he who accompanies the Glatskikh in her trip to the Seychelles. The publication’s source said that they are having a joint vacation on a yacht.

To recall, Glatskikh ‘became famous’ for saying that “the state owes nothing to young people,” since no one “asks anyone to give birth.”

Against the backdrop of the nation-wide public outcry, Glatskikh was removed from the post of director of the Youth Policy Department, but the sources of the Ural edition say that the authorities want to keep her in power by transferring her to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the region as one of the options.

In turn, the Investigative Committee is really serious about it: sources point out that the the department for the investigation of particularly important cases of the Russian IC in the Sverdlovsk region is responsible for the check.