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Jamal shared his picture without makeup

The singer admitted, were very much bored and wants to go home why

Famous Ukrainian singer Jamal spends time on the Sunny island Paradise of Mauritius and enjoy a carefree stay, sharing with fans of colorful and bright photos of the local beauty. On the page in Instagram she wrote sudden recognition and said that made her sad in a fabulous location.

In the photo the star without a gram of cosmetics partially hid behind a giant leaf of a tropical plant and looking directly into the camera lens.

The actress openly said that she lacks not only relatives, but also his home and the city. She noted that the twelve days are enough for the internal reboot, and she is happy that soon will be back in familiar surroundings.

“Oh, everything! 12 day in Mauritius. For the first time felt very bored. And not only for the family, I miss them every day. But only now felt homesick and the city! (Plus listening now the new album of James bleck, it’s awesome, but adds, as always). 12 days is enough for a full reset. Well, soon home! With a clean slate!” – shared his thoughts with the fans of Jamal.

Members noted that the singer without makeup looks feminine and gentle, and shared their feelings during the holidays.

Without makeup, very feminine. Like”, “super Photo”, “this photo nice palette”, “my family’s on vacation already on day 6 home asks! Well, I think, because it is not a Paradise of rest! There would be exactly 12 days was not enough!”, “Beauty,” “And we will miss the summer sun “storis”. I’m starting to bond with them,” wrote the fans of the actress.