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Island hopping in the Caribbean with a cruise as a trend holiday look

“Aye, Aye, Captain!”, the pirate is calling on the port of the city of Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. It quickly becomes clear: In the Caribbean, a pirate romance is in the air. The thought, soon to be on the same motorways of the sea as these men on the road, anticipation. The most famous pirate of the century, Jack Sparrow, popularized the mutinies of Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and co., and attracts daily hundr of visitors to the filming location of the Hollywood classic, “pirates of the Caribbean”. The Bay Wallilabou Bay on St. Vincent is also on the program of our 14-day cruise on the Costa Magica to the lesser Antilles.

Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)Scarborough (Tobago), St. George (Grenada), Bridgetown (Barbados), Castries (St. Lucia)Fort de France (Martinique)Pointe-à-Pitre, Road Harbour (Tortola)Philipsburg (St. Martin)St. John’s (Antigua), Kingstown (St. Vincent), Fort de France, Pointe-à-Pitre

Charter flight with Condor from Zürich via Frankfurt. Luggage is transferred directly from the Zurich airport to the cabin!

The Islands have different currencies, however mostly in US dollars (euros on the French Islands).

How is the daily routine on the ship?

The first Morning on the ship gave us a beautiful sunrise. “Scarborough” is read on the roof of a House at the port of Tobago. On Board it is hectic. So, it is now time until the guests have found to cope on the big Kahn. Ashore, a Band plays Caribbean music. And while Captain Morgan is attracted to the duty-free Rum-shop, waving to the employees of the Italian cruise company, with its white signs to the buses, the guests of the Excursion. A reception, which will repeat on almost every island. Who does not reefs at the popular coral Arnos Vale and the Pirates-snorkeling Bay or want to go diving, going to the sandy, white beaches. Here is the “Robinson Crusoe”-Feeling is not a tourist cliché is that The author Daniel Defoe chose Tobago as the setting for his novel.

Spectacular nature

Actually, the beach Pigeon Bay would have been a Must. However, a land of eight hours makes all the dreams come true. So we have to make every day a new decision. White beaches, there are enough, we think us and walking through the oldest rain forest in the Western hemisphere. “The Main Ridge Forest Reserve in 1765 by the English under the protection and three Times with the title of “World Equal Destination” excellent,” says the tour guide Abby, who brings 25 years of cross riders from all over the world here. “The tourism is become the largest source of income of most of the Islands. Since the devastating hurricanes, bananas and in many places, and sugar cane plantations have been destroyed,” she explains.

the Radio sounds on the way back from jungle Bob Marley’s evergreen “I Wanna Love You”. “Ya, man, we’re glad to have you cruise guests,” says the driver, Alvin. Honestly, we would have been in that Moment, “Don’t Worry About A Thing”. On the lesser Antilles partly very bumpy, narrow and winding roads in combination with the left-hand traffic drive us in between pearls of sweat on the forehead. Well, that rain forests, beautiful bays, palm-filled beaches and colourful villages in the colonial style, provide distraction, and our driver navigated us to continue the joyful singing by the potholes.

Caribbean and white, sandy beaches

Also, we have the Caribbean Feel to get slowly. On the lesser Antilles, although there is no great cultural treasures, and a lot of relaxation and adventure. We chill out on the white beach of Grande Anse Bay on Grenada and drinking fresh coconuts with Rum. We discover Capuchin monkeys, and swim with turtles in Barbados, swimming in visit hidden waterfall, on the volcanic island of St. Vincent, coconut, pineapple and sugar cane plantations in Guadeloupe, discover iguanas on Saint-Martin and on the beach Maho Beach airplanes 30 feet above our heads and thunder. The absolute highlight, we will soon be seeing Saint Lucia the volcanic island that will be with us only because of its spectacular landscape will be remembered forever.

On the journey to the two lava mountains, Gros and Petit Piton, we are experiencing fishing for the first Time in our lives is the deep-sea. Shortly after we pulled hundr of Flying fish in the spell, bite is a Blue Marlin on the bait of the fishing rod. After a one hour fight with the three fishermen of blue Marlin are exhausted. The Crew celebrates their victory – it was her first and only catch of this kind in the last twelve months. In the evening we share our unforgettable adventure with our new friends at the Bar on Deck 9, watching breathtaking sunsets, enjoying a fine dinner. Caribbean, we will definitely be back!

Costa Magica in Figures 13Decks1300Kabinen58Suiten4Restaurants10bars4pools5whirlpools1fitness/Spa 3470Passagiere (a maximum of)Five tips for booking you have to Book a drinks package – it pays!Please note the Service Charge that is written on the onboard account.Suites don’t come much more expensive than balcony cabins: Here is a Top-beverage package and a Spa day are included, incl. Butler and suites-Restaurant.You travel individually: At the ports of driver/guide for excursions to the most beautiful places and beaches to offer. Cost per Person (based on six participants) is about EUR 25/USD 35.The beaches are part with the water taxis to reach. Point costs approximately EUR 15.

The former lawyer Marcel Strahm is Skipper with heart blood. Ten years ago he opened his own boat travel specialized travel Agency in Switzerland.

Marcel Strahm: With 14 years ago, it was for me, the lake of Zurich (laughs). My favorite is the British young areas, remote Islands, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. There the Wind is always good. But there is also in the Mediterranean sea, beautiful routes, such as in southern Turkey.

Yes, I’ll hire again this year, a sailing ship and crosses with my guests between Bodrum and Göcek – a beautiful area with a pristine nature and beautiful coves. Of political unrest, you feel nothing.

It was never laughing at a longer than seven days in a week (). The body has gotten used to two days to the new circumstances.

Croatia is very high in price, the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia and Greece. Mallorca experienced a Boom and is now suffering the consequences of over-tourism.

Yes, it is unabated and even increases. Thus, there are more people and more ships, including at times, the etiquette of seamanship suffers.

In the case of Star Clippers Cruises, or Sea Cloud sailing as a guest. On a mega-yacht with its own crew, you may tackle. Sporty it on sailing trips where you are part of the team, the ship’s budget, and the ship, under the instructions of the skipper.

Definitely, today, many prefer to go on smaller ships to be outside the mainstream. But also themed tours are increasingly popular.

The shipping companies, in part, by sabotaging their market with cheap offers. As a sailor I am an Individualist. Sailing is not a consumer of tourism and has its price. Here, the nature, the adventure and the community in the centre.