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If You Didn’t Have To Pay Taxes, What Would You Buy? – #TQOTD – Mix 95.7FM

It’s tax day, so you better get your taxes done by midnight!  But, what if you didn’t have to pay taxes?  What would you use all of that extra money on?

If you didn’t have to PAY TAXES, what would you do with all that EXTRA MONEY???

What would I do with my Tax Money??? Put it in my Adventure Fund Piggy. For the next Connie and Fish TRIP
#TQOTD I only got a refund of 50 bucks, but if money was no issue, I would be taking my mama to the Bahamas
TQOTD: I will use my money to either help go towards my new house or buying me a new laptop.

TQOTD: the fact that I typed and deleted the answer to this question 10xs tells you I’d do so much with that money. Trip to Manchester, England is at the top of my list, add a couple more Bernese Mt.

Dogs to my life, and pay of some crap.
If I didn’t have to pay any taxes I would pay off my husbands freakin debt and buy a new house😉


I would buy a new car..


one I don’t mind driving. I currently own one now I love so much I hate driving it, so I would put her away in storage and get something else.



then I would drive my new car and buy a pool heater and have it installed! Is it summer YET?
Get my m every month instead of every other month for my colitis which is $5,000 a month ugh health insurance doesn’t pay anything any more 😢
Travel! ❤️
I’d invest it in a future for my kiddo. Give him a better chance than I ever had.

Give some to a charity of choice
Pay off debt and go on a much needed vacation with my family
Probably invest it into what taxes should be for: education, parks and rec., community programs, free clinics etc.

and just for me, a sweet sweet ride. Like maybe not a 2008 Ford.

Just remember kids: Taxation is not theft. Taxation without representation is theft.

This year? Use it for my vacation to the Netherlands I have planned this fall.
After this year? Pay off student loans and pour the rest into my 401(k).

Pay off debt. I barely make enough as is and I have a “good” job
Go help care for my grandfather in South Carolina.

He’s unwell and I’m so sad knowing I’m stuck in WI and not able to care for him after all the sacrifices he did and love he’s given to my family. Now it’s just him and his sister there 😞
Do some fun fixer upper projects in and around my house.

Live and be giving to others
Pay off debt.
Pay my bills and save for a nice place to live in the country with a around the house porch in a lil town where I can sit outside on a nice night drinking lemonade watching the the fireflies (no I have not thought about it at all lolol)
Buy a house
Take my dream vacation to a tropical island for two weeks! On my bucket list to be able to see those beautiful beaches and water!
Pay down debt
Pay down debt, be able to help family more, take a vacation.

Go on a much needed vacation.
More road trips
Enjoy life a little more.

Take a Honeymoon to Europe that I always wanted to take, but we never got to do. Our Honeymoon 14 1/2 years ago was to Chicago for a few night.

But myself a home for my girls and I.
Pay rent
Vacation, bills, savings, my own home.


in no particular order
Pay it to my mortgage
Actually have a nice wedding that we never got to do.
Pay it forward
Pay off medical bills and get some m that are ridiculously priced.

Pay off my house sooner..

and get a better car
Savings and medical bills.
Save for retirement
Vacation, add to the house.

Def blow it lol
Put a down payment on a house. I wish Alicia could help us here in Florida! 🏖☀️
Put it towards the house payment.

Cuz I’m a super boring adulter 🙂
Pay bills, buy groceries, or maybe just do something fun
Use the money to actually fix the the damn roads instead of putting down that Oreo dust BS.
Buy more healthy food!
I’d be on the Bon Jovi cruise right now.

Go on vacation!! Somewhere warm without snow!
Buy a house
Buy a house over time
Have a life
Eat like a king instead of a peasant
I’d pay off my house and then put the rest in my daughters college savings account!
If I hadnt had to pay taxes for the last 10 years my student loans would be paid off and I will live in a better neighborhood and not a rundown house. Instead its $900 a month towards student loan.

I would actually be able to pay all my bills on time !!!!! And maybe get a vacation!!!!!!! Like out of my neighborhood somewhere!!! Dare to dream
Make memories
I would buy a place in either Mexico or virgin islands and enjoy paradise everyday.
If I didn’t have to pay any taxes I’d use the extra money to buy land and start a farm!! I’d have goats, ducks, chickens , pigs and cows!!!
I’d be on the Bon Jovi cruise right now.

All my money would be going towards SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOES. Don’t even need anything else.

Just my beautiful, perfect condition, name brand shoes
No taxes would = Boob job and tummy tuck!
I would buy a radio station and Hire Connie and Fish to do a show on it that had no music and only enough commercials for them to get a pee break or some coffee or water
Question of the day… I would go on cruises every year .make it all about me.

Are those people new people to the clicker six that are donating all the money?
Celebrate 420 this Saturday lol