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Clyde Butcher exhibit at IMAG captures depth of Cuba’s splendor

The IMAG History Science Center hosts a new photography exhibit at the museum called “Cuba: The Natural Beauty” by Clyde Butcher, award-winning photographer, conservationist and humanitarian.

Recognized as one of the foremost landscape photographers in America, Mr. Butcher has been described as the next Ansel Adams by Popular Photography magazine. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1942, he graduated California Polytechnic State University with a degree in architecture. In 1970, however, he began his photography career after being inspired by an Ansel Adams exhibit at Yosemite National Park.

Since then, Mr. Butcher has been bringing the beauty of landscapes to life in black and white for 50 years. And although he will always be identified with his dramatic photographs of the Florida Everglades, he is dedicated to capturing other precious environments throughout the world.

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns said, “Like the work of Ansel Adams, Clyde Butcher’s remarkable photographs give us an access to nature we rarely see or experience.”

In this exhibit, Mr. Butcher’s photographic expeditions of Cuba take us atop mountain ranges to tropical plains and plantations; through dense forests to magnificent waterfalls and unspoiled beaches; over foothills to savannahs, salt creeks, and secluded lagoons; and other diverse environments to experience the natural beauty, boldness, and splendor of Cuba.

The exhibit runs from Friday, March 6, to Sunday, May 31, at the IMAG, 2000 Cranford Ave., Fort Myers.

In “The Year of the Mountains” in 2002, Mr. Butcher was invited to photograph the mountains of Cuba for the United Nations Conference for the Sustainable Habitat of the Mountain.

“Clyde Butcher’s stunning black and white images capture the imagination in us while creating a heightened sense of wonder and peaceful tranquility.” said Matt Johnson, executive director for the IMAG History Science Center. “We are excited to present the photography of Clyde Butcher at the IMAG, especially since we currently feature a documentary film about Cuba and since we are planning our annual signature event with a Cuban theme.”

This year, the IMAG is presenting “An Evening in Old Havana” as its event on Friday, March 27. Clyde Butcher’s “Cuba: The Natural Beauty” exhibit and BBC’s “Cuba: Journey to the Heart of the Caribbean” film — which, twice daily, takes audiences on a thrilling journey of spectacular beauty through breathtaking island landscapes, pristine ecosystems and more — are two wonderful reasons to visit the history and science center in addition to its many other attractions, activities, displays, aquariums and interactive exhibits. ¦